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WDP Productions has been providing critically acclaimed and audience favorite entertainment for venues and clients since 1999. Founder John Mueller has always maintained the philosophy  "Give 110% to your audience no matter what the size" and credits this main ingredient to his success.  Couple that with excellent and event specific communication directly with clients, eliminating all "assumptions," and you have the key reason why clients love WDP Productions.  


"High Octane Entertainment" and "Sold out" are commonly associated with WDP Production shows in addition to "extremely helpful."  

We take a hands on approach to all our shows and don't stop providing help and information after the show is booked like many production entities will do.  WDP believes in helping the client to explore all media possibilities and audience awareness to ensure a sold out presentation with hi res artwork, photos, audio, video and other tools readily available. But that's not all, WDP can create customized shows for various budgets and has a great talent bank to draw upon.  Check out the top notch client list page for references. Many are repeat clients.  


Located in southern California, WDP Productions is ready to help you with all of your entertainment needs.





Winter Dance Party Productions
Winter Dance Party Productions
WInter Dance Party Productions
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